Samsung, Fit Fit Flop Shoes, Fitness Gear: Samsung to Launch Series of Flop Gear on Black Friday, Nov. 14


Samsung will begin selling flop-style shoes, fitness gear and other products on Black Thursday and Black Friday.

The flop line will include fitness shoes, flip-flops and flip-out shoes.

These are products that have a similar design to what you’d find on a flip-flat shoe.

Samsung is also rolling out a series of fitness wearables including a fitness watch that can be worn on its wrist, which Samsung describes as a “super-thin and light” fitness device.

Samsung will sell $150 to $200 flip-tops and $300 flip-outs for Black Friday and Black Saturday.

FitFlop, a new fitness startup that’s partnering with Nike, is partnering with the Samsung Galaxy team on the new product line.

The new line includes a fitness strap that can track your steps and calories burned.

The FitFlops also include a GPS tracker and an accelerometer that can tell your pace.

Fit Flops also have a smart band that can help you keep track of your activity.

Samsung says it is adding more fitness accessories, including a heart rate monitor, wrist band and Bluetooth smart band to the line.

Fit, which is the first major fitness retailer to roll out a flop series, has been testing out the product line for about two years and has sold about 1 million FitFlats so far.

Samsung has already introduced a line of flip-ups and flip flops for sale.

Samsung’s flop offerings include the FitFloop Flop, FitFlap Flop and FitFlotl Flip.

Fit is launching the Fit Flopy in three colors: blue, white and green.

Samsung said the Fit flops will be available from Nov. 7 through Dec. 14.

The flip flop products are available starting Nov. 28.

For more on Samsung, click here.

fit flop shoes fitness gear samsung fitness watch

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