‘FitBit’ is the new ‘Apple Watch’ – ‘Fitbit’ is going to replace Apple Watch in the fitness world


The Apple Watch may have a few problems, but the new Apple fitness band from the world’s biggest maker of wristbands is an absolute game changer for fitness bands.

In a big step for the fitness wearable industry, the Fitbit has officially launched a new smart band, the Apple Fit.

This is a much more powerful device than the Apple Watch, with a built-in heart rate sensor, Bluetooth Smart connectivity and a battery that can last a full day.

As we wrote in the lead-up to its launch, the new device has a built in heart rate monitoring capability and is compatible with Apple’s Watch OS.

The Apple Fit will be available in Europe and the US starting from May 24.

It’s currently priced at €199.99, with more to come.

We can’t wait to see what the Apple watch band will offer us, as this new device is going some way to addressing the fitness band market, with the Apple Fitness band having already become the best selling band in the world.

We’ve been testing the Apple Band 2 and Apple Fit for several weeks now, and while it’s not exactly the same as the original Apple Watch Band, it’s a much better device.

This latest Apple band offers some key new features, such as Bluetooth Smart support, a heart rate monitor, a digital crown, a music controller and the ability to stream music via Bluetooth to the Apple TV.

It’s no surprise that the Apple fitness trackers are the best-selling bands in the country, as the AppleWatch is the market leader.

The new Apple Band has the same heart rate sensors as the previous Apple Watch but comes with a new and improved heart rate module that can tell you how fast you’re running.

This makes the AppleFit even more useful for runners and triathletes.

Apple’s new band has been designed with Apple in mind, and the company has put a lot of effort into making sure that the new band is waterproof and that the watch band is as lightweight as possible.

The Fitbit band is available in four different colours, from blue, pink, green and purple.

The band also has an optional leather strap and the bands are also available in three sizes, from small to large.

Apple says that the Fitband is the “first smart band to connect with your Apple Watch”.

Apple also says that it will be releasing a new watch band this summer, which is expected to be a smaller model.

If you want to know more about the new Fitbit Apple Band, you can watch our in-depth review of the device, which covers everything from its features to its performance.

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