How to get fit and eat healthy on your Apple fitness app


Fitness and nutrition experts at The Jerusalem Report, a website dedicated to the study and publication of Israeli health issues, are warning of the health risks associated with using Apple Fit.

In a post published Tuesday, Fit’s chief scientific officer, Yair Levy, wrote that AppleFit’s “lack of adequate information and consistency” means the app’s “users may become unaware of the potential health risks.”

For example, users of AppleFit can only “use AppleFit data for one purpose at a time, and that is to calculate calorie and nutrient intake.”

“For some users, the ‘calories and nutrients’ column in AppleFit is only for counting calories,” he wrote.

“Others will only be able to use it to get a general idea of how many calories they need to eat.”

For those users, it can be difficult to understand how calories and nutrients are calculated in Apple Fit, as it may not include information about how many hours of sleep each user needs.

AppleFit also does not include the amount of water each user consumes, and it doesn’t include how many times a user’s daily activities are ‘calibrated.’

“The ‘calorie and nutrient’ column for AppleFit could easily be confusing and confusing, as the ‘nutrients’ section of the app does not list what nutrients are considered ‘caloric.'”

In addition, “AppleFit data is not provided in a format that will make it easy to review, analyze and interpret,” Levy wrote.

For instance, the app doesn’t provide information on what portion of a meal each user should eat, which is a critical step in determining if a user is on the right track.

As for whether AppleFit users should consume “at least two servings of fruits and vegetables per day,” it’s unclear whether the app will include this information.

“AppleFit’s lack of adequate info and consistency means the users may become aware of the possible health risks,” Levy added.

“It is not recommended for Apple Fit users to eat a lot of food at one time.

If a user wants to lose weight, he should aim for eating fewer than two servings a day, as that is the amount recommended by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).”

The post has since been taken down from The Jerusalem report’s website, but an article published Tuesday on the appstore’s app store explains that Apple’s Health app does include information on how to “calculate nutrient intake” for a number of the apps health features, including Apple Fit and Fitbit.

But the app also contains a warning that users are “not permitted to add their own data, or combine data from other apps.”

“We are not responsible for your personal data or for any data that you may put into our app,” the Apple Health app warns.

“Please read our privacy policy for more information.”

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