‘Fit Definition’ by FitBiz is a bikini-friendly app that helps you lose weight and stay fit with your favorite fitness models


FitBitz has developed the best fitness app for the average woman, according to a new report.

The fitness app, which launched in the US on July 1, offers a collection of fitness models who use their bodies to teach us how to lose weight, improve our fitness and maintain healthy lifestyle, according the New York Times.

Its the first fitness app to be made by FitBit, which has already been making fitness apps for Apple, Amazon and Facebook.

The app has become a huge hit among women and men who want to lose and maintain weight, and has also helped attract millions of users around the world.

The company, founded in 2016, launched a new fitness app called FitBaz for women in 2017.

The two new fitness apps are similar to each other, the NYT reported, but have vastly different styles.

One of the apps focuses on a range of fitness topics, such as weight loss, weight maintenance and fitness for women.

The other is focused on men, focusing on the body image, body composition and diet for men.

The New York Post reported that FitBits new Fitness App is the only one to be based on its original concept.

The company said in a statement that the app is “the most accessible fitness app of all time”.

“This new fitness offering is the result of a collaboration between FitBizz and its dedicated female athletes and fitness trainers, as well as the men and women who have been leading this industry for over a decade,” the company said.

The new app includes fitness videos and exercises, as its main focus is on men.

It is also available for women, who can download a workout app.

The Times also reported that the new app is the first app to have a “fit definition” feature.

It allows users to define their own “fit” and “fit,” and it allows users who want the “best” fit, to upload a photo of themselves.

According to the New Yorker, the FitBuz app is being sold at a “sub-$150 price point”, and it is not yet clear if FitBax will follow suit.

The FitBz app, meanwhile, is available for $1.99 and is compatible with most fitness trackers and other devices.

It comes with a few free fitness workouts, which are available for up to five minutes at a time.

The NYT also reported on a new FitBx app.

This app is also being made available for free, and it will have similar features to the FitBit and FitBzz apps, including a fitness tracker and a nutrition tracker.

The Fitness app for women is being made by Fitness for Women, which is an independent, non-profit organisation.

Its founders have been making their own fitness apps since 2016, and its focus has been on weight loss and weight maintenance.

The Times reported that it has about 200,000 users worldwide, and the company has already sold more than 3.2 million fitness apps to consumers.

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