What to watch this weekend as you get ready for the first Xperience Fitness Challenge


This weekend’s fitness competitions will offer a mix of different events and challenges to get your fitness routine on track, so it’s a good time to get ready.

We’ve put together a rundown of the best fitness-focused events in the UK this weekend, with links to all of the details for each. 

The weekend begins with the Fit Challenge, which will see you compete for a prize of £1,000 in the FitChallenge Fitness Competition.

You have until Saturday 15th November to enter and the deadline for entries is 31st November.

If you do not win the prize, you will be offered a prize for your efforts on Friday 21st November, at which point you will receive a full refund of any prize you won.

There are three different ways to enter the competition, which we’ll highlight below. 

For the Fit Challenges, you need to be at least 16 years old and have completed at least one week of school (which includes both primary and secondary school) and a minimum of 12 weeks of full-time work.

You can compete by either a combination of walking, cycling or running.

There is also an option for a combination exercise including swimming, yoga, and rock climbing.

There will be a separate prize for a personal best of 5 minutes or more, which is worth £50. 

On Saturday 22nd November, there will be the CrossFit Challenge, a competition that offers you a choice of a CrossFit Games-style event or a full-on CrossFit experience.

You will compete in a single-elimination tournament for £1.5m and have to complete at least two weeks of training for the event, with the final week of the competition taking place on Sunday 22nd October. 

There will also be the Xperiences Fitness Challenge, with you competing in a triathlon, running, or cycling event.

You’ll need to have completed your first week of full time work and be at or above your age group to compete, and your team must have a minimum total of four members. 

If you want to compete in an event, there is also the XPeriences Challenge Marathon, which offers you the chance to compete with others across the UK in a variety of running, cycling, and triathlon events.

The race is on Saturday 23rd November, and participants can expect to compete for £3,000. 

Other events on offer include a three-day event in Glasgow, which includes the Crossfit Games-like CrossFit Arena and CrossFit CrossFit UK, and a triathalon event in London, which features a full triathlon and a five-kilometre swim. 

All three events are free to enter, but you must also pay for any food, accommodation, or prizes. 

You can find more information about the XPERiences Fitness Challenges and Crossfit Challenge Marathon at the CrossFits website. 

What do you want?

CrossFit is a great way to get fit.

It’s great for the fitness enthusiast who wants to train hard and stay fit.

You may also want to look at other fitness events like CrossFit X, CrossFit World, CrossFitness World Championships, Crossfit London, Cross Fit Challenge or CrossFit U23. 

Do you know any other events on the calendar?

Check out the X Fitness Challenge Calendar and the Cross Fit Challenges Calendar to see what’s happening in the X competitions this weekend. 

Have a great weekend.

The Fit Challenge Fitness Competition is on in the weeks ahead, so keep checking back for more information on the competitions, and the fitness events on our fitness calendar. 

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