How to be a Fit Nude Girl: The Official Guide to Fitting and Naturism


Fit naked girls is an unofficial dating app that is geared towards nudists and is currently in beta testing in New York.

The app was launched in January 2018 by a woman who works in the fitness industry and is looking for a way to connect with the women of the world.

“This app is for the people who are comfortable with themselves as a fit naked girl, but want to be more active, more fun, and feel empowered to express themselves in a way that they don’t always have to hide behind a mask,” she wrote on her website.

“This app offers an amazing range of features, including: • Fit Nudity: Create your own Fit Naked Girls profile, and you’ll be able to choose from more than 100 different profiles with different goals, interests, and styles.”• Nudism is part of the Fitness Industry: Fitness professionals have long been looking for new ways to appeal to a growing population of consumers.

But, as Fit Naked Girl puts it, there’s a lack of “fitness content and services” for nudists.

“With so much focus on fitness in our culture, it’s important that there’s something that fits the whole lifestyle and is not only fun, but also a positive thing,” said Natalie Hager, the CEO of Fit Naked, in a press release.

Hager told the New York Times that Fit Naked girls are “not just about fitness, but a more inclusive experience” and “featured in more popular fitness apps.”

“It’s important to us that our members are included in the conversations around fitness in the world,” she said.

“We are here to empower people to do things that are not possible for them to do in a traditional way, and to encourage them to feel good and have fun, even if that means having a little more body hair.”

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