How to unlock the full power of your Wii Fit Trainer, Fit Flops and more with Torque Fitness


By default, the Wii Fit trainer, Fit flops and the Torque fitness app are set to automatically detect the Wii’s size and weight.

Torque will then use these values to calculate the correct fit.

But now there is an option to unlock this feature.

When you choose to disable this option, Torque also enables the Fit trainer to automatically use the Wii size and weights as a reference for the Fit app.

This allows for the most advanced and flexible fit tracking available in the Wii.

For example, if you have a Wii Fit that is too big for you, Torquing Fitness will automatically calculate a fit based on the Wii weight and height.

You will not need to enter the weight and size in the Fit Trainer app or Torque Fit app to use Torque.

Torque is a new fitness tracker that uses the Wii Weight and Height sensor.

It is powered by the latest in technology sensors and features a super-thin, lightweight, waterproof casing.

The new Torque Trainer uses the power of Wii Weight sensors and Nintendo’s Nintendo Fit sensors to give you the most accurate Fit tracking and best fit.

The Torque fit tracker has been updated to version 3.5.2, which has an update that adds support for a new Nintendo Fit sensor, which is much more powerful and accurate than the Fit Fit sensor that is included in the previous firmware.

The Torque trainer now uses the new sensor and it’s even more accurate.

The trainer can also now calculate your total daily exercise and weight, as well as measure your heart rate and blood pressure.

The Fit Trainer is one of the most powerful and advanced Fit tracking devices available.

The app supports a range of different devices, including the Fitbit Charge HR, Apple Watch, Garmin Connect, Samsung Gear Fit, Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Gear S3.

The Fit Trainer works on your Wii and can be used to track and monitor all of your activities.

It’s also one of our favorite Fit tracking tools.

If you’re still not sure which device to use, we’ve also written a detailed guide on how to use each device.

You can find the guide here.

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