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A gym can be a powerful thing if it is used as a tool for fitness.

But can you feel as great in the moment as when you’re training?

That’s the question at the heart of a new fitness study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine.

Key points:The research found that the longer a person was in a workout, the more likely they were to be in a state of physical and mental wellbeingSource: University of QueenslandResearchers used the internet to collect data on 1,000 people for the study, which included a number of different types of exercises.

A significant majority of the participants said they felt better in the gym once they finished their exercise session, with a median rating of a score of 7.9 out of 10.

This suggests that the more time someone spends in the same space, the greater the impact it has on their wellbeing, according to the study’s lead author, Professor James McVey from the University of Qld.

“People who spend a lot of time in the air and the gym can feel a bit better, but the amount of time spent in that space will have an effect on their overall wellbeing, which will depend on how well the activity is done,” he said.

Professor McVées team found that people who spent more time in a gym had a higher likelihood of feeling better after their next workout.

“We also found that in people who had been in a fitness program for a long time, those who spent a lot time in their gym had improved in physical wellbeing,” Professor McVee said.

“The longer the person spent in the exercise room, the better their physical wellbeing will be.”

The study is a new look at physical activity, and the first of its kind.

“This is a first of it kind study looking at physical exercise and wellbeing,” he added.

The study found that exercise was the most common form of physical activity for the 1,100 people studied.

The findings of the study are significant because they suggest that physical activity is a key component of healthy living.

“There are many things that people do that have positive effects on their health, but we don’t have enough data to be sure if it’s the kind of exercise that we need to get enough of,” Professor MacVey said.

The researchers suggest that this research can inform the way we encourage people to exercise.

“For many people, the most positive effect of physical exercise is actually feeling better, and it is a good thing for the environment, for the wellbeing of the individual and the general wellbeing of society,” Professor Vesely said.

It’s estimated that exercise can improve health by improving your immune system, improving blood sugar control and preventing chronic disease.

It is also a great way to help people recover from illness.

“If you’re going to be doing it, it should be done in the least amount of work, and ideally not too much, so it’s not something that you’re doing for the sake of it,” Professor Juhasz said.

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