New fitness tracker from Titan Fit Trainer is $350,000


Posted June 05, 2018 06:31:00 Titan Fitness Tracker, formerly known as the Titan Fitness Watch, is a fitness tracker that has seen a few updates over the past year.

Like the Titan, the new Titan Fitness tracker is a smartphone app that’s meant to track your activity and notifications.

This is what the device looks like:It’s not the biggest of devices, but it’s still pretty impressive.

The tracker has a 2,400mAh battery, which should last for about four hours.

If you’re using it for longer than that, you can buy a smaller battery that will last up to a day.

It also supports Bluetooth, which will allow you to connect to your phone with the tracker, though it’s not clear if that’s for voice or text communication.

The Titan Fitness Trainer has a 4-inch OLED screen that has a 720×1280 resolution.

It sports a curved, glass-covered back that makes it look a little more like a smartphone than a watch.

The front of the device is covered in a plastic-like material that feels more like silicone, and it has a few screws that you can press into place to access the back of the tracker.

The device itself looks like this:The device itself has a fingerprint reader that you press into the device when it’s on, but you can also press into it on your wrist when it isn’t on.

It has a rotating bezel that is angled toward the front of it.

The Titan Fitness Trackers screen has a textured black border around the edges that can be customized, and you can adjust the textured borders.

The device comes in two versions: the Titan Fit Fit Trainer ($349.99) and the Titan fitness tracker for $299.99 (about $200 less than the Titan).

The Titan Fit trainer comes in Black, Grey, and Gold color options.

The price for the Titan tracker is $349.98 for the basic Titan Fit Tracker (the Black variant) and $349 for the $300 Titan Fit tracker (the Grey variant).

That’s a pretty good price, especially considering how many fitness tracker models are on the market right now.

The cheapest model is currently the Titan trainer for $249.99, which is more expensive than the $299 Titan Fit trackers.

The other Titan fitness trackers are currently the $399 Titan Fit and $499 Titan Fit for $549 and $699, respectively.

The first two versions of the Titan Trainer are available in two colors, Grey and Black, and the price varies by model.

The Black model comes with the Titan Core, which can track all sorts of fitness activities.

It’s the most popular model, but we’re not sure if it’ll last.

The Core can track up to six workouts a day, and up to 24 hours of activity.

The Premium model, which includes the Core, comes with a new Core Core Pro accessory that can track everything from swimming to yoga to cardio to yoga and more.

The Advanced model comes in Silver, Gold, and Silver Gold, which has all of the fitness tracker’s features, but costs more than the Premium models.

The second and third versions of Titan Fitness trackers can be found in a couple of different color options: Silver Gold and Silver Silver, and $299 and $399.99 for those two models.

We’re not yet sure if they’ll be available in Black and Grey colors.

The Fit Trainer comes with an included 3-year warranty, which isn’t a lot of protection for a fitness device, but if you’re in a hurry, the warranty does cover the device for about $25.

You can buy the Titan Flex, a new fitness tracker with a 3-month warranty for $349, and Titan Fitness Pro, a $549 fitness tracker.

Both models have a USB port that connects to your computer.

The fitness tracker does support Bluetooth, but this isn’t currently supported by the Titan’s Bluetooth and doesn’t work with all smartphones.

If your phone supports Bluetooth LE, the Titan will work with it.

If you’re interested in purchasing a fitness track or fitness tracker, the best bet is to visit Titan Fitness and pick the Titan Smart Fit Tracker.

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