How to watch the Super Bowl with Fitaid


Fitbit and Freedom Fitaid have teamed up to make the Superbowl, giving consumers a glimpse at the two companies’ wearable fitness trackers.

The partnership lets users get a sneak peek at Fitbit’s new device, the Fitbit Blaze, before it hits stores in February.

As you might expect, Fitbit has partnered with a major sports apparel company, and Freedom is the same brand that makes the Fitbuds.

Freedom’s Blaze will cost $199 for a 12-month subscription.

Here’s what you need to know about Fitbit Fitbit is one of the few companies that’s actually making a wearable fitness tracker that isn’t just an electronic watch.

Fitbit says its Blaze uses its proprietary technology to track calories burned, heart rate, and other key metrics, and it can also give you more detailed insights on your health habits.

The Blaze can also be used to track your activity level and calories burned through your activity tracker.

Fitbits Blaze comes in both a black version with white accents and a blue version with orange accents.

FitBit has partnered up with Nike, the biggest sports apparel brand in the world, to make its Blaze a smartwatch.

Nike says the Blaze’s fitness tracker will offer users insights on their workout habits, which could include heart rate data, sleep patterns, and even steps taken during the day.

The Nike Blaze will come in two versions: a black-and-white version with black accents, and a red-and to be announced later, a red version with red accents.

The red version will cost about $400.

Nike will sell the Blaze exclusively through Nike+, the company’s fitness service, for $399.

Nike is one half of a partnership between Nike and Fitbit that also includes Adidas, which is the sports apparel giant’s parent company.

Nike also partnered with the Nike+ app to sell the Fitbits in the Nike+, which allows customers to track their activity and get customized workouts based on the data collected.

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