Planet Fitness Hydromassages to sell $6M worth of equipment in 2018


WASHINGTON — Planet Fitness Inc., the sports-entertainment company that owns the world’s biggest outdoor gyms, is announcing plans to sell nearly $6 million worth of indoor equipment, including tents and sleeping pads.

The company’s plans, which include tent camping, are part of an effort to turn its vast outdoor facilities into luxury rentals, which is the next phase in the company’s turnaround strategy, the company said.

Planet Fitness also is making changes at its indoor gyms.

The company is working to upgrade the amenities for the most popular athletes and the world class trainers, Planet Fitness CEO Greg Bickley said in a statement.

The changes include the creation of a new indoor training center that will include a gymnasium, changing rooms and a pool.

The new facility is expected to be complete by the end of the year.

Bickley expects the indoor training centers will be the company in the future, but he is not certain when that will be.

In addition to Planet Fitness, other sports-oriented retailers have recently begun offering indoor gymbates.

In 2018, Nike Inc., Nike Enterprises Inc. and GNC Corp. bought the rights to the American-flag-shaped gymbar in San Diego.

The sale of the indoor gym equipment is the first step in a more general strategy for Planet Fitness.

In January, the fitness company bought the popular outdoor gymbate brand, the SportMaster Outdoor, for $1.7 billion.

In February, it sold its indoor-only outdoor gym, the Fitness Arena, to U.S. Outdoor Enterprises.

In 2019, the outdoor gym was renamed Planet Fitness and was purchased by the fitness giant for $3.2 billion.

That purchase included the indoor gym and its outdoor pool.

planet fitness hydromassage

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