When will you be ready to run?


It’s time for you to step back in the shoes of a runner.

You know what else is time for?


We’re all about taking the time to do something you’ll love.

I’m glad you asked.

Here are 10 things you should know about running.1.

You can’t have a great running season without a good diet. 

You’ll want to eat as much as you can, but it’s also important to take a step back and look at how you’re feeling right now. 


In a nutshell, what’s healthy for a healthy runner? 

Most people don’t really understand what’s good for a good running season.

This article provides a comprehensive look at what’s really good for you.3. 

What’s good? 

A healthy running season isn’t about hitting a certain goal or being fast.

It’s about your body. 


How do you know when you’re healthy? 

If you want to look at the healthiest running form, take a look at your workouts and compare the amount of effort you put in to the amount you can handle.5. 

Do I have to run every day? 

Not really. 

It’s not like running is a one-time habit.

Running can be done every day of the week. 


Does it have to be a full marathon? 

The answer is no. 

There’s nothing wrong with running a half-marathon. 


Can I go for an easy run or a longer distance run? 


There are a few benefits to going for a full-out, easy run, but you’ll be able to do it more often if you take a break and recover. 


Are there certain routes that I should run?


Some routes are faster than others.


Which is the best route to go? 

I love the hills. 


I’m tired, but what about a marathon?

It’s ok. 

 It can be the easiest way to feel better or it can be something you have to do. 

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