‘I think I’ll get back into running’: Johnson fitness trainer says he’s not running to lose weight


Johnson Fitness Trainer, Chris Johnston, said he thinks he’ll get into running after having a recent bout of bronchitis.

“I’ve been running on a treadmill since last year and I’ve never been able to get up the pace,” he said.

Johnston said his condition has improved since then.

“It’s always been a little bit on the short side and it’s definitely something that I’m not running at, but it’s still something that comes up a lot,” Johnston said.

“You’ve got to be on the right track.”

Johnston said he’s been training since 2015.

“There are a lot of things that go into the training that make a big difference to the running you do and the things that make you run faster and get faster, but there’s definitely a lot more that goes into that, and I think I’ve got some pretty good things in me that will hopefully help me,” Johnston told CBC News.

“Hopefully when I get out there I’ll be able to do it at a faster pace than before.”

Johnston, who’s trained for a year and a half with Johnson, said that’s because he’s a good listener.

I didn’t want to,” Johnston explained. “

When I started, I just couldn’t even run.

I didn’t want to,” Johnston explained.

“Then, in the summer of 2017, I started running and I was able to start to get into the gym and run.”

Johnston is a physical therapist by trade.

He said the sport has helped him recover from previous ailments, and it has allowed him to better understand his body.

“A lot of the time, it’s all about balance and that’s where my balance has come from.

I think it’s given me the strength to get back on track and the mental strength to keep going,” Johnston noted.

Johnston is the founder and CEO of the company that runs the Johnson Running Centre in Scarborough.

“This is my life now, it is my career, and when you’re able to put yourself out there, that is the real value that I have, and that has helped me to do a lot better than I would have otherwise,” Johnston added.

Johnston hopes to continue his training in the coming weeks, and said he’ll be in the gym regularly for workouts.

“In the coming months I’ll hopefully get up to running on the treadmill again and be able get out and run,” Johnston joked.

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