Goldsmiths students are ‘tired of hearing about copper fit’


Goldsmith students have called on their university to “stop the shaming” and “stop saying the word copper” to avoid being labelled as “shaming”.

Key points:Goldsmith students are calling for the university to stop “shame” over its use of copper fit and socksWhile they are not the first to call for the “shameless” word, the call for change has prompted many students to join the campaignGoldsmiths Students’ Union president, Nick Gwynne, said students “are tired of hearing the word Copper” being used to describe students’ copper fitting.

“This is about the word ‘fit’ as well as ‘sock’ – we are tired of being told that our clothes fit because of a copper connection,” Mr Gwynnes said.

“The term copper fit has been around for a long time and, in many ways, has become a stereotype.”

It is so common to be told that we need to wear a ‘fit copper’ type of sock.

“Students are tired.

They are tired that this is used to justify discrimination against students who are not ‘fit’.”

We have seen in the past how the term ‘fit’, or ‘soreness’ or ‘fatigue’ has been used to label people who are sick or tired or who are ‘fat’ or have ‘fat’.

“This has become very stigmatising, which is why students have started to organise campaigns to make a point of saying ‘fit’.”‘

Not the first time’The students’ union is the first of its kind in the country, Mr Glynnes said, calling on the university’s governing body to “say no to shame and make it clear that it does not use the word for the benefit of anyone”.

“This campaign will be heard by the University of the Arts and the University Council of Ireland.”

There is a real need for a change in the way we talk about and discuss copper fitting, and this campaign is an important first step towards that.

“The students want the university “to make a statement to students that we support them when they want to wear something that fits, and not to use the term copper for the sole purpose of making them feel good about themselves.

“Mr Gwynns said that the university should consider creating a new term to replace “fit” and that a “fit copper” sock should be included in its undergraduate curriculum.

The students are seeking the university, and the university of the arts, to “create a new undergraduate course on fitting copper”.”

We are calling on you to stop the shaming of students who wear ‘fitters’ or are ‘fit to wear’ copper socks,” Mr Jydon said.

Goldsmith University Students’ Association president Nick Gynne (centre) and Goldsmith Students’ President Nick Jydons (left) said students are tired about the “misleading and shaming” word “fit”.

Mr Gynnes said students were tired of “shamed” students being labelled “fitters” and of being labelled with the word “sock” being applied to students.

He said he was concerned that the term “fit”, or “sore” or “fatigue” was being used in relation to students who were “fit to walk”.”

I am concerned that we are not seeing a real change at the moment in the conversation about fitting and how we fit and feel, and I would like to see that change now.””

It is now commonplace to be called ‘fitter’, ‘sissy’, ‘fat’, ‘stiff’ or any other derogatory word, and students are not even allowed to wear their own socks, and are often told that they have to ‘fit in’.”

“I am concerned that we are not seeing a real change at the moment in the conversation about fitting and how we fit and feel, and I would like to see that change now.”

Mr Jydones statement comes after Goldsmith University students called on the school’s governing board to “end the shaming”.

In a statement, Goldsmith Student Union president Nick Jynaston said students wanted “to be free to wear whatever they want”.

“The Goldsmith School is committed to equality and inclusion, and has made a commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive student experience at all levels,” Mr Wynaston added.

“We also recognise that it is not the last word, that we have a long way to go, and that we will be there to support each other.”

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