What you need to know about the Australian Border Force


The Australian Border Control Force has begun to test its new Edge Fitness tracking system for border guards.

“The Edge Fitness system is designed to provide enhanced protection to border guards during immigration enforcement,” the agency said in a statement.

The agency said that the system would be “implemented as quickly as practicable”.

“The use of the Edge Fitness technology will provide enhanced border protection to the border guard’s patrol team, the detention and processing centre personnel and other staff, and to the Australian community,” it said.

“The benefits of the system will be demonstrated at an early stage in the Border Force’s testing program.”

The agency also said that its Edge Fitness test “will be completed with a range of different conditions, including the use of a portable portable computer.”

The Edge fitness system is a wearable fitness device that is worn on the body and has a screen that records your steps and pace.

There are three types of Edge Fitness devices: An elliptical tracker that can track your pace and step count; a treadmill that has sensors that record your speed; and an elliptical trainer that is designed for runners.

It is designed so that when you step out onto the footpath it will automatically send you to the correct spot on the track.

But the system does not record your steps.

Instead, the device records your pace.

You can only use it while on the foot path and the device will also automatically log your pace during the day.

A wristband will record your step count and keep track of your steps during the same day.

The Edge Fit is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

This was a welcome change for the Australian Government.

Its recent announcement that it would no longer require a visa to travel to the US had come after the Federal Government threatened to impose new rules to prevent people from making the dangerous journey.

The Australian Government announced that it will now use its existing immigration detention system to try and prevent people smuggling.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison said the move would allow for more effective and efficient immigration enforcement.

“We need to focus on ensuring that those who try to cross the Australian border illegally are caught and brought to justice and held to account,” he said.

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