How to get the best out of your fitness routine at the gym


The O2 Fitness Gym in London, England, has opened its doors to the public and is offering an all-new fitness program to all those looking to get fit.

The facility is offering its gym members a new all-day fitness program called Power Fit Elite. 

Power Fit Elite offers all-inclusive equipment, including cardio machines, elliptical machines, stationary bikes, barbells, and a variety of cardio machines.

You can also try out an interactive fitness game called Power Week. 

According to the O2 website, Power Fit is a new way to exercise that will help you stay focused, burn fat, and stay healthy. 

“Power Fit is designed to be the ultimate all-around fitness experience for all of you who want to improve your fitness, lose weight, or get fit at home,” the website says. 

In the video above, O2 fitness trainer Sam Hill walks through the new Power Fit exercise equipment. 

You can see Hill start with a basic elliptical machine and work up to a power barbell, then get back on the elliptical and try a stationary bike. 

A trainer from O2 also explains the benefits of Power Fit, saying that it helps you feel better during workouts, allows you to focus on your body, and helps you stay healthier. 

After the workout, you can pick up a new stationary bike that comes with a power treadmill. 

The O2 has been open since June 2019, and it offers a variety, from elliptical, to stationary, to elliptical cardio machines and barbell machines, to other cardio equipment.

“We’re a gym that is really focused on fitness, not just fitness as an activity but fitness as a lifestyle,” Hill said in the video. 

This isn’t the first time the O 2 has opened to the general public.

Last year, O 2 opened its first gym in a mall in New York City.

O2 recently announced it was opening up its new fitness facility in a strip mall in London.

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