The World’s Fittest Book: The Sunday Times Bestseller

June 26, 2018 - Comment

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JB says:

A great deal of marketing hype around an otherwise average fitness … A great deal of marketing hype around an otherwise average fitness book. While the anecdotes can be quite interesting, the actual fitness advice and programs are nothing that you couldn’t find yourself online.The book itself suggests that you should embark on your own fitness journey of experimentation. There really is no secret to good health. Eat well the majority of the time, exercise consistently and if you want real gains in a certain area – follow a stricter program with a clear…

Stephen Fry says:

This book is worth so much more than the retail price! Such a great book written with passion, enthusiasm, pride and incredible knowledge. Ross clearly proves that his understanding of the human body, and what it is capable of, deserves to be up there with the worlds greatest. The title says it all; this book is for anyone who wants to train hard and work towards being the very best they can be in any, and every physical pursuit.

Harry Johnson says:

Fantastic!! What can I say, Ross has nailed it. I’m currently reading the chapter about progressive overload (probably my favourite chapter since I want to join the Royal Marines), and it’s all very realistic and brilliant. It has a mixture of logic, theory, fitness related stories, history, nutrition, exercises and all of the rest; It’s the bible of fitness, no other words can be said to describe it.

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