New Body Plan: Your Total Body Transformation Guide

June 26, 2018 - Comment

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DJ says:

Simple and Easy to follow! Hi guys!Loving the plan so far! I’m committed to getting myself fit and heathy for the arrival of mine and my partners first baby in September.Coming up to the end of my second week on Sunday.Already half a stone weight lost!Really focused and have enjoyed everything so far-apart from the DOMS after the first leg session!I’ve found it hard to be motivated with my workouts historically and after I completed insanity 4 years ago my job changed and…

piratekev says:

An inspirational life changing book! If you have ever thought you want to lose that tummy fat but it’s never quite happened for one reason or another then you need to buy this book!! Just buying it won’t change your body but being inspired by it, becoming determined for change and using the sessions and advice all within its pages will mean your body can change!We all have excuses not to do something try having an excuse not to follow this book – it will guide you through pain, blood, sweat and tears ….. but every moment…

Technetium says:

Missing meal plans / recipes The exercise plan is good. The diet/meal plan is non existent. I was expecting a complete guide from how this was advertised in Men’s Fitness – 8 weeks of meal plans and exercise plans to go hand in hand. The carbohydrate levels suggested are excessive.

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